Die Hipster Scum Vol. 1

by Dead City Riot

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released July 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Dead City Riot Connecticut

Think for yourself, fight for the whole.

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Track Name: Die Hipster Scum
You gentrifi the whole hood, say it’s for the good
now the price is going up, the rents too damn high
but you don’t care
man you’re daddy’s little heir
now the prices go up
and you don’t give a fuck
cuz it’s all on daddy’s dime

Die hipster scum

Pseudo centrist liberal, quasi intellectual
passive aggressive racist, patriarchal servant
white savior complex
too dumb for privilege concepts
you talk about the prospects
gonna save the projects
you’re so full of shit

so tired of your politics, like a new apocalypse
with your ideology playing psychology
getting tired of these games
ain’t living up to yo’ claims
with your scene politics
you’re playing poli-tricks
you’re so full of shit!
Track Name: New Days
Just like the weathermen
Coming from the underground
Tragically poetic
With that radical sound
No room for defeat
Take the war to the streets
Don't fear the elite
Raise your fist in deceit

Mohamed Bouazizi
May you rest in peace
Set the fires of the minds
Of the middle east
Malala my sister
The punishment severe
For the truth you did seek
You showed them no fear

We die in these cages, we slave for these wages
Relinquish the shackle that which contain us
No justice, no peace ‘til we cure the disease
For a better world today, we will bite the hand that feeds

From the water we need
To the air that we breath
From tuition, to rent
They enslave us with debt
So we'll take to streets
We’ll fire the boss
The means of production
Seized at all cost

From London - to Burma
Wall street - to Greece
Take back what’s ours!
Fuck the police!
A new feudal state
Our lives are at stake
We can't let these pigs
Keep what they take
Track Name: The Cost
This is for the Kurds who are dying for their land
For the kids in Hong Kong who are making their demands
For the nameless bodies that line the sea floor
And the genocide that sleeps at our front door

For Leonard Peltier and the millions of others
All the countless throngs that just have to suffer
The names racked up as collateral damage
All the people dying, caused by famine

This is the cost

For Malcolm, Martin, Garvey, and Huey
Rossa, Rehana, Emma, Ashanti
For those living under the fist of a king
For all the martyrs of the Arab spring

Black masked kids who are running through Oakland
Palestinians being pushed from their land
Crimes against humanity that gain no attention
And for all the names that'll never be mentioned

Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground
Mother earth will swallow you, lay your body down
Track Name: Now!
The blind lead the blind
To the edge of the cliff
And they only learn to see
When they’re falling to their deaths
But we’re down in the dark
And we’re making a plan
We got a 7.62
Coming straight for the man
So we smash through the windows
And we take back what’s ours
They call it looting
But to us it retribution
The pigs try to stop us
With their steel batons
But we’re taking back the streets
We’re a hundred thousand strong

Now- Now is the time
We take a stand
Now is our time
Now- now we shall rise
Rise up and fight
Now is our time
We- we hold the line
Take back what’s ours
Now is our time
Now- Now is the time
We take a stand
Now is our time

The city burns tonight
And there’s blood in the streets
This is class warfare
And we can’t accept defeat
Information is our weapon
Determination is our armour
Black masks on our faces
Number are our power
The riot is the voice
The voice of the unheard
Until all our bodies
Our bodies be intered
So they segregate the masses
To keep us in line
But what they’ll never understand
Is we would rather die.
Track Name: I Can't Breathe
Let me ask What we're dying for
While the rich get richer and the poor stay poor
This white patriarchal oligarchy
Got cops killing kids out in the street

I can’t breathe

And the politician say
You can live in freedom if they die today
Every 36 hours another black person dies
While white america just hides their eyes

And the police say
They’re skin is their sin and it’s judgement day
We got to stand up now
And show this pigs we don’t need them around